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Wealth Is Your Birthright: Part I

From my forthcoming book "The 7 Platinum Principles of Wealth and Power"

Before we get started, let me start off by saying that I believe “there is no nobility in poverty.” I’m sorry, but that is what I believe. How can an individual truly live a complete or successful life unless they experience true wealth and prosperity in all its forms? Notice I said “true wealth.” True wealth and prosperity may carry a different meaning to different people. It just depends on who you ask. To some people, it may mean a life of luxury surrounded by money, houses, cars, exotic vacations, and the list goes on. To others, it may mean a life of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery. In either case, a man cannot rise to his greatest potential unless he has plenty of wealth in either form.

I believe in order for your spirit to unfold, develop, and experience true and lasting happiness, it must become all it was meant to be. In some cases, this will require sums of money. But for some religious individuals, the accumulation of monetary riches, wealth and prosperity seem to go against their beliefs, thus, holding them back from ever attaining their true, God-given potential.

A human being consists of three entities: a mind, body, and a spirit. Each of these entities is fully dependent upon the other. You cannot ignore one without one or the other suffering in some form. Man is chemically engineered for advancement. You are endowed with a seed of greatness. It is up to you to nurture it. Any disruption to the natural order will result in negative feelings and a sense of inadequacy and disappointment. The object of this life is to become fully developed. And every human being has that right. You have the right, no the duty, to become all God meant you to be.

You have a right to unrestricted use of all the natural resources at your disposal that may become necessary to develop your full potential in (mind, body, and spirit). In other words, you have the right to become wealthy and prosperous in all its forms.

I am not talking about wealth in a literal way. You do not have to be satisfied with the crumbs that are being swept off of life’s table by those who are wealthy and prosperous. You do not have to be content with just having a little bit, unless you are an advocate of poverty thinking. I do not feel that any man should have to be satisfied with just having a little bit if he feels he was destined for more. Nothing less will do for a person of destiny.

If you feel in your heart that God wants you to be rich in spirit but poor in the pockets, it is not my place to try and change your way of thinking, nor your beliefs. I consider a person to be successful, wealthy, and prosperous if they are living their life to full capacity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but sometimes that is hard to do when your money is funny, or if there is too much month left over at the end of your money. Think about it, what kind of life would you live if you could eliminate the worry of money from your life? In this day and age of technological advances, the possibilities to attain wealth and prosperity are endless. Let’s take a step forward and claim what is rightfully yours.

You have a right to have unrestricted use of all the natural resources at your disposal that may become necessary to develop your full potential in (mind, body, and spirit).

Carlos C. Johnson III

Author, Speaker, Business Coach