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The Number-One Reason Why Most People Never Get Rich!!!

The number one secret of commercial success is to "be unique." I cannot stress this strongly enough. You must offer solutions in products or services that no one else is offering. Most entrepreneurs just go out there and do what everybody else is doing, especially from a customer's perspective. This approach will get you nowhere. If you are not unique, then why would anyone buy from you as opposed to your competition? If you offer what everyone else is offering, then the only way you can compete is to engage in a price war. That means you will have to keep dropping your prices to get more customers. Profit margins will shrink and you will surely, over time, go out of business. This approach will not make you rich. Not even close.

Ask yourself this question: Why are some things expensive and others cheap? It's because those that are expensive are unique, rare, or just hard to get. On the other hand, those that are cheap are usually very easy to obtain.

If you are looking to make more of the green stuff, then you should put every effort into being different from the competition. Strive to be unique. When you produce something that is readily available in the marketplace, there is nothing to differentiate you from anyone else. At that point, your only differentiation is price. That is exactly where you don't want to be.

Your goal in everything you do from now on, in setting up, running, maintaining, and developing your business, must be geared towards being unique.

Every aspect of your business---from developing or manufacturing your product or service to its promotion and delivery---must have a unique angle. And not only must it be unique, but its uniqueness must be understood and appreciated by a large enough group of customers to make its manufacture worthwhile.

Carlos C. Johnson III

The UnderCover Millionaire