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Successful People Are The Biggest Failures!

Does the title of this article surprise you? If it does, then keep reading. Your questions are bound to be answered. You see, successful people fail more than failures. Rich and successful people are different from failures in one respect: They keep learning and working towards their goals until they eventually succeed.

You may find this a little shocking but successful people expect to fail. The difference is they do not see it as a bad or negative experience. They also realize that history is no reflection on their future. They know that, if you have failed in the past, this doesn't necessarily mean you will fail in the future. On the other hand, they know that previous success does not guarantee you continued success. Success is a journey, not a destination.

It isn't just the business cycle that goes up an down. There are always problems and successes in your business, your life, your relationships, and everything else that matters to you. Things change, problems arise, people leave. All this means is that you have to deal with difficulties every day of your life.

How you decide to view and deal with these setbacks is one thing that will separate you from the ones who truly fail. How do you cope with the stress and anxiety that hit when things are not going your way? How do you stay committed and focused enough to find the answers and keep going?

It's tough, but it's essential that you do. By continuing, you give yourself the chance to reach the success you aimed for---quit and you never will.

Carlos C. Johnson III

The UnderCover Millionaire