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Passion: The Secret Weapon Of The Rich!

It will be to your advantage to fully understand that success is rarely, if ever, an overnight phenomenon. What you see as a success is invariably the result of years of effort, of failures and restarts, of hurdles cleared and problems avoided. The only things that can fuel such a long drive to success are passion and commitment.

Most people are passionate when they first venture into business, when excitement is electric and the dream of freedom is vivid. But in most cases, business reality sets in within a year, and it turns out to be hard, stressful work. People get overwhelmed. They fail to focus on what's important; they don't treat themselves and their staff in the right way. It's then that the worst---or the best---in people appears. For many, the passion starts to disappear, usually because they lack basic skills to make their business work.

As the passion recedes, it's replaced by fear, doubt, worry, and visions of disaster. A salaried, stress-free job starts to look pretty darn good. People start operating in survival mode, struggling to keep the business afloat---short of capital, short of customers, short of time, and short of personal satisfaction.

Once you're at this stage, you can't manage a business, think clearly, see opportunities, and you definitely can't stay motivated---let alone motivate your troops. Once you lose your passion, the business grim reaper is hanging in the balance. Once you lose your passion, then you have lost the game. Make sure you love the business you are in. That way, you have a better than average chance of weathering the storms that are sure to come.

Carlos C. Johnson III

The UnderCover Millionaire