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How To Make A Living As A Professional eSports Gamer.

I was reading about how these kids are making insane amounts of money by being professional eSports Gamers. I was very intrigued because they are making money in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Yes, you heard me right. Some are making millions of dollars.

ESports is a catchy name for (electronic sports). In eSports, gamers can compete against each other in a wide variety of computer games. Traditional sports like tennis and basketball are a physical contest between players or teams, but in the exciting world of eSports, gamers use the keyboard and controller to dominate the opposition. The time has arrived where eSports is going to dominate. It's not going to be the next big thing because it currently (is) the big thing.

Here is a video to help you on your way to becoming a professional gamer. Good Luck!

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Carlos C. Johnson III, The UnderCover Millionaire