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How Much Money Should You Invest In Your Speaking Career?

How much money should you invest in your professional speaking career? Good question, huh?Well, let's see if I can shed some light on an often asked question.

The answer is to invest little money and an enormous mount of your own burning desire, determination, and enthusiasm on a consistent basis. These three characteristics are far more important than cash and cannot be purchased from anyone else. My passionate purpose is to show you how to begin so that you can purchase the materials that cost money as you earn, and thus constantly improve on a pay-as-you-go basis. You will develop your materials, marketing, and expertise as you progress.

Here is some sage advice for what it's worth. Invest in yourself by taking as many speaking classes, seminars, and coaching sessions as you can. . If you do not have the money for those, you might offer to help a speaker with back-of-the-room product sales or do office work in trade for the training you need. If you can work in the office of a successful speaker or speakers' bureau, you can learn a great deal about the business in a very short time.

Purchase books, cd's, dvd's, online webinars, YouTube, and tickets to hear the best speakers you can find. Use a notebook. Watch and listen as a great football coach would watch a game. Ask yourself, "What is this speaker doing right? How would I improve on what this speaker is doing?" Ask the personal coach in your own head how you could do it better. Concentrate on it.

As Sir Isaac Newton said in his old age, "I have stood on the shores of time picking up a beautiful seashell here and there, while all before me lies the great sea of life, undiscovered." Never stop learning. Never stop getting better or thinking of ways to give more to your audience.

Carlos C. Johnson III

The UnderCover Millionaire