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How Daydreaming Helps You Succeed!

Fantasizing need not be idle woolgathering. Used as mental rehearsals, fantasies have practical payoffs. They can substitute for physical practice when acquiring a skill. Researchers find that individuals who imagine themselves skiing well actually perform better on the slopes.

Three useful applications:

Coping Fantasies:

Faced with a difficult interview or sales presentation, imagine all the possible questions and answers. Fantasize yourself responding and being alert, relaxed and effective.

Innoculation Fantasies:

To help reduce stress when a decision entails major costs or risks, project yourself mentally into the future. Explore your reactions to the best and worst possible outcomes of the decision. Also, fantasize how you will overcome setbacks. The fantasy may reveal alternatives you might not have consciously considered.

Self-Confidence Fantasies:

To cure bouts of low self-esteem, invoke past situations that you have handled well. Observe yourself performing skillfully. Use those images as guides for present and future performances.

Pack the mental rehearsals with details. Hear the questions and answers. And see the other characters an their surroundings. Keep fantasies positive.

Carlos C. Johnson III

Author, Speaker, Business Consultant