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Are You An "American Ri$k Taker"

Excerpt taken from the book "How To Live The Life$tyle of an UnderCover Millionaire"

Are you ready to have some fun? Then let’s take some risks. Are you averse to risk-taking? If you are, then the road to becoming an UnderCover Millionaire and a New Jack entrepreneur is not for you. Nothing in this world is guaranteed except death and taxes. Get used to it because that is just the way it is. Big risks equal big rewards. Do not want what other people have if you are too much of a coward to take calculated risks. Risk comes with the territory.

If you start to take action and fail, here’s some advice. Learn from the experience and move on. Now you know what will not work. Refine the process and move forward. If you take risks, you will fail more times than not. You must pick yourself up, dust yourself off and “hit the bricks” once more. You only have to be right one time.

Taking action is not for cowards and it is not for the soft or weak. If you are weak in the mind, then you need to find another occupation because becoming a New Jack entrepreneur is not for you. Go back to being a wage slave. A “New Jack” entrepreneur is a hustler. They are always grinding to find profitable opportunities. New Jack entrepreneurs suffer from “capitalist migraines”. All they can think about is coming up with the next “big thing” that will give them financial independence. New Jacks are relentless in their pursuit. Get in their way and you are liable to get run over. Those are the types I am searching for.

New Jack Entrepreneurs are what I like to call “(America’s Ri$k Takers). You have to feel that the reward outweighs the risks. That is why I say take “calculated” risks. Do your homework and do not be reckless. Being reckless is the surest way to end up in the poorhouse. Being a superstar entrepreneur takes practice. Just like anything else that you want to become great at…takes plenty of practice. Football players who eventually want to play in the NFL know the risks. They know they will be playing against the biggest, meanest, fastest, hardest hitting players on the planet. They are willing to accept the risk, and in some cases, their life for a shot at stardom. Do you have that same risk-taking attitude?

I know from first-hand experience about taking risks. After I got my Series 7 license to become a stockbroker, I headed to New York City. I had no family or friends up there. I ended up homeless living out of my car for months. I made a vow to myself. I told myself that I was going to become a stockbroker or I was going to die on the streets. I really meant it because there were days that I could not afford to eat anything. I finally landed a commission job as a stockbroker, but I was still living out of my car. Nobody in the office knew it. Long story short, I ended up working for giants like E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, and Franklin Templeton. I persisted because I knew what I wanted and was willing to literally die for it. I was not going to be denied. I knew the risks and I went for broke. After long, I was no longer a (broke) broker.

The road to entrepreneurship and being an UnderCover Millionaire will be full of risks. If you are willing to accept the risks, the rewards can be fulfilling. No risk, no reward. It’s as simple as that. I will show you how to compete on the spiritual plane and not the competitive plane. The spiritual plane requires inspired thought. The competitive plane is normal everyday thought. One is significantly more powerful than the other. You are about to enter the wild, wild west. Are you up for the challenge?

Carlos C. Johnson III, Founder

The UnderCover Millionaire

"Building Wealth Through Passive Income"