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Your Action Guide To Becoming Wealthy!!! (Part 1)

I would like to start off by saying “You can have anything in this life you so desire.” I know this sounds like a cliché, but it happens to be true. I’m not here to be your cheerleader, I’m here to tell you like it is. Self-made millionaires are no different or any better than you, they just think differently than you do. They make different moves, they do things you do not want to do, they take calculated risks, they lay it on the line, and they’re mavericks. In other words, they are the world’s risk-takers.

Ask yourself this question. (Do I feel I have done what it takes to become the next self-made millionaire)? Take the time to answer that question honestly.

Now let’s hit the bricks. What does it really take to become the next self-made millionaire? Do you feel you have what it takes? Let’s find out.

If you want to become wealthy it has to start with you. The secret to changing your lifestyle goes beyond wishing and wanting for a better life. The first step to become wealthy is to step out of your safety zone. You must have the guts to reach for your goals. Do you feel you were meant to be rich? If you do, then let’s continue. The cowards can stop reading now.

Many people daydream and even organize their plan of action to obtain wealth. What do the wealthy know, and how can you use that to help you to become wealthy? The fact is the majority of people did not create their wealth by buying a lottery ticket, or stumbling across a long lost relative that left them a fortune. Those that created their wealth, created it by having the right mindset, and finding the right opportunity to create the lifestyle they envisioned.

If you want to become wealthy; it starts with evaluating your values and up bringing. Most of us were, at a young age, taught to believe you go to school, get a degree and find a job. You want to know what is wrong with this philosophy. It results in 2% of the population owning 95% of all the wealth. Education is critical in all facets of life, but school will not teach you how to create a life filled with wealth, abundance, and prosperity. They will not teach you how to become wealthy by building your own business. In other words, school will mold you to fit perfectly into the “go to school, get a degree, and get a job” mold.

Let’s take a look at some core values and critical factors in building that sought after “millionaire mindset.”

Self-made millionaires have an action game plan. For your plan to be truly effective, it must require you to step out of the ordinary. It must make you feel a little uncomfortable. You must step out of your safety zone. The majority of self-made millionaires got that way by starting their own business, creating a product or providing some sort of in-demand service. But most importantly, they created lasting success by doing what they love. A good rule of thumb is to not start something just because you feel it will make a lot of money. Turn your hobby into a profitable enterprise.

Your Action Guide To Become Wealthy

1.) Wealth Building Mindset Change - It all starts with you, and your thought process may have to change a little. This is not often an easy task; as for many they have the work ethic of a nine to five job. What the rich know is that the majority of the time that job is not going to make you rich. Start saying today, "That I want to stop working for someone else and make my own way." Understand as of this moment the only one in charge of your financial situation is you.

2.) Where Do The Wealthy Start From - Some were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but there is no sense crying over the fact that the silver spoon was not in your cards. Think of some of the top millionaires and billionaires, usually Donald Trump, trumps the list. What does he do, how did he create his billions? If you examine the trends, you will notice the majority of the wealthy are entrepreneurs.

3.) Where You Are And Where You Want To Be - Okay nine chances out of ten what you are doing now is not working. Where are you now, is there open possibilities in your position that you are not exploring. What do you have to change in order to become wealthy? Now most are not going to fire their job until they are showing real profits and change. But maybe it is time to explore different directions.

4.) Internet Wealth - Becoming an entrepreneur and starting a successful business was more difficult years ago. In modern times there are more platforms and avenues to create your wealth. The worldwide web and Internet Business start-ups are changing people's financial destiny. Compared to starting a brick and mortar business, there are lower cost start-up opportunities with higher returns. For thousands each the Internet Business or home based business industry is giving many a road map to success, without large overhead, and large set up fees.

5.) Online Mentoring and Coaching - Anybody who is wealthy did not achieve those results without finding a mentor and training platform. This is not the type of training you can get in school, rather life methods and business building methods needed to create wealth. In order to obtain your wealth, you need to align yourself with successful people. Seeking out a mentoring or coaching team to teach you how to build a successful business, and how to get that business to start creating your wealth, is critical.

6.) Take Action - Get off your butt and "hit the bricks." The wealthy did not just sit on their hands and wait for the day their life changed. They started to take action steps to become wealthy. Start researching different avenues. Start researching Internet Businesses. Look for a mentoring team that can teach you how to build a successful business.

Along these same lines, let’s take a look at some of roadblocks in Part 2 that can be a hindrance to your quest for the mindset of self-made millionaires.