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You Have Every Right To Be Rich!!!

I do not give much thought to what religious people say in praise of poverty. As a matter of fact, I do not give it any thought. I have said it once and I will say it again; “I do not feel there is any nobility in poverty.” I believe it is a belief and a mindset. Neither of which I would care to have. If you believe you do not have the right to be rich, then you are absolutely correct. If you believe you have the right to be rich, then you are absolutely correct. You see how that works? It does not matter what you consciously think…it’s what you BELIEVE!

Here’s something I will never understand. How can you possibly live a complete, successful, prosperous life unless you have a certain degree of wealth? Are you that naïve to believe that it’s possible? If an individual aspires to rise to great heights and become all they were destined to become then I feel they are going to need a certain amount of money and support in one form or another. Think about it for a moment. I would like all my readers who are ambitious and have a vision to picture this for a moment. What would you do if someone wrote you a check for $100,000 right now? Do you think you could finally make some moves? Would you get that business off the ground? How would that kind of money help you on your way to achieving your personal vision of destiny?

If you are looking to fully develop mentally, physically, and spiritually then there are going to be certain things that you are going to need in order to help you develop in all these areas. And guess what? These “things” are going to cost money. So you see, you are going to need money in order to become the fully developed person you aspire to be. Any man who desires to advance to the next stage in life is going to need money in one form or another. Now there are going to be people who will tell you that you do not need any money to advance in life. Here’s what you say to them; “If I do not need money to advance, then show me another way.”

I feel one of the primary purposes of this life is to become a fully developed individual. Your purpose is to reach the pinnacle of your mental, physical, and spiritual being. If you leave out any one of these faculties, you will know it because that particular faculty will let you know loud and clear that it is being ignored. What good is it to be totally spiritual if you are sick and confused all the time? What good is it to have a body like Mr. Universe if you are mentally and spiritually void? What good is it to have a mind like Albert Einstein if you cannot even figure yourself out? So you see; all your faculties must be clicking on all cylinders for you to feel complete in all areas of your life.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I living my dream life

  • Am I moving towards my ultimate destiny

  • Am I able to give all the money I desire to charity, my ministry, and other noble causes

  • Am I able to afford the foods I “really” want to eat

  • Am I living in the house of my dreams

  • Am I driving the car I “really’ want to be driving

  • Am I working a job because I “need” to or because I “want” to

  • Am I able to take that much needed vacation to renew my mind, body, and spirit

Here is what success means to me. Success is…

  • Becoming what it is you truly want to be.

  • Having the freedom to make your own choices.

  • Being able to make contributions that will live on long after you are gone.

  • The freedom to pursue your ideals.

  • A loving family

  • Good health

  • A happy spouse

  • Happy and well adjusted kids

  • Never having to worry about money

  • (Please fill in the blank ______________ )

Let me end by saying...

There is nothing wrong or evil about wanting to become rich. For those with noble intentions and positive aspirations, all you are asking for is a richer more abundant life so you can become all you were destined to become and make your contribution to humanity.

I feel it is not normal for a person to not want riches in one form or another. Why would you suppress a natural desire if it is positive and leads to your personal advancement and possibly the advancement of mankind? To me that seems unnatural, but you can come to your own conclusion.