The Absolute Power of Purpose

What is my purpose in life? That is one of life's most powerful questions. I am convinced that everyone has a purpose inside them. It's like an inner label that only you are able to determine. No one can tell you what your purpose is. You are the only one who is able to look deeply enough inside yourself to discover that inner dream and desire of your heart. Finding out the answer to the question of what your purpose is should be easy but it sure wasn't for me.

Seeking your purpose is not like searching for gold. You will not "discover" it by exploration using maps, instruments, or geological studies. It is also not going to be "revealed" to you by a teacher, fortune teller, your horoscope, internet guru, or even by divine revelation. It is already known to you. It is deep down inside of YOU!

If purpose -- your heart's desire -- is so important, then why does it seem so difficult to discover? To many people, it seems hidden. Some people never even think that they may have a purpose because they are never encouraged to think about it or they are so distracted by other life-issues that they don't get around to focusing on it.

To many other people their purpose is effectively denied. Have you ever had a dream pop into your mind, something you really want to do? And have you shared that dream with another person only to have them throw up all kinds of obstacles to accomplishing that dream? They say things like, "How could you do anything like that without more education, more money, a miracle, etc.? You're just dreaming. Come back to earth, pal. You become intimidated by the thought of having a life purpose. You begin to believe that it is presumptuous on your part to have these BIG dreams. It doesn't take much resistance to stifle your dreams and send them scurrying back to the "wish" area of your mind. After a while, you don't need any help at all denying your dreams -- you can do it all by yourself.

My purpose seemed hidden from me for many years. The need to uncover my purpose soon became an overwhelming obsession with me. The clue to solving it came when I began examining why my life wasn't working, what were the primary areas of disappointment in my life. I started looking at those things that were't working for me. I had to closely examine those things I was refusing to deal with. You probably have your own list of these kind of things -- the things that keep you stuck in your present circumstances. Looking at my obstacles and choosing to deal with them took a great deal of courage. Once I did, I was able to open a door and walk through it into a new world where I could start looking for dreams that would take their place. And take their place they did!

The "what" in the question of "What do I want?" is already known to you. It resides within you! You were uniquely created to be who you are and to do what you can do. You can access it either rationally by observation (detection or discernment) or through your intuition, by what we call "hunches."

Hunches are creative thought. In this society we were taught that logic is the better thought process, but most creative thoughts don't come from logic at all. Logic takes us from step to step, from idea to idea, from concept to concept, and from detail to detail. Hunches skip all that and just jump to a conclusion.

So what am I saying here? Simply this! In order to create the answer to the question of "What do I want?" the "what" is just something you "make up!" Did you get that? You just make it up! It's really that simple! Believe me when I tell you -- it actually works.

At one time or another all of us experience momentary flashes of what we really want. But most of the time, we are too timid, unaware, not sure or embarrassed to accept them so we don't share these flashes with anyone. These "silent sentences" in your heart are valuable gold mines where you will discover the key to all the "true wealth" you are looking for! So what are you waiting for? Why are you still here? Get up and follow your dreams. Take some inspired action today!!!

Carlos C. Johnson III

The UnderCover Millionaire

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