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Welcome to The UnderCover Millionaire Book Store

Reading Books Can Literally Change The Course of Your Life

My goal is to not only bring what I have learned over the years into your life, but also the teachings of some of the world's most foremost authorities in the areas of Wealth, Power, Peak Performance, and Leadership Excellence.

Welcome to The UnderCover Millionaire Book Store

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The UnderCover Millionaire 

Peak Performance e-Book Collection

Peak Performance

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Peak Performance Every Time

By:  Simon Hartley

Peak Performance for Smart Kids.jpg

Peak Performance for Smart Kids

By:  Maureen Neihart

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The Mushin Way to Peak Performance.jpg

The Mushin Way to Peak Performance

By:  Michael Veltri

Emotional Intuition  for Peak Performanc

Emotional Intuition for Peak Performance

By:  Jason Gregory

Real Men Do Yoga.jpg

Real Men Do Yoga

By:  John Capouya

Peak Business Performance Under Pressure

Peak Business Performance Under Pressure

By:  Bill Driscoll

Peak Evolution.jpg

Peak Evolution

By:  Lauren Holmes

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