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Brian Tracy Collection

Sales Success Made Simple

  • 14 CDs, 114 page workbook with free sales skills assessment, plus 3 months of Brian Tracy University

  • Every component of successful selling explained in one training kit

  • Learn the real secrets to landing more clients, closing more sales, and dramatically increasing your income

21st century sales training_edited.png

21st Century Sales Training

Let me quickly give you a brief tour of a few of the modules you’ll have access to...

  1. Prospecting Funnel— How to flood your “sales pipeline” with highly qualified leads who can and will buy from you...

  2. Rapport Builder— How to build deep trust with your prospects so they feel like they “know, like and trust” you within minutes...

  3. Problem Radar— How to figure out exactly what your prospect’s core problem is... and “fit” your product or service to their needs...

  4. Sales Theater— How to present your product in a way that engages, empathizes and entices your prospect to buy (even if there’s a lower-priced option elsewhere)!

Maximum Productivity with Brian Tracy

Master your time for life with Brian's essential time management and productivity certification course.

  • 12-lesson digital training course with time management certification

  • Learn life-changing tactics used by successful people to achieve their goals

  • Gain proven methods to maximize productivity even when you feel overwhelmed

Success is a Journey - DVD Plus Bonus

By listening to Brian's captivating story you'll learn how to...

  • Set and achieve big goals

  • Learn and grow from overcoming obstacles

  • Develop a character of persistence and unshakable self-confidence

  • Get the support and cooperation of others

  • Focus on priorities and concentrate on key tasks

  • Learn the key skills required for success

  • Ignore "nay-sayers" and keep your eye on the prize

Personal Success Made Simple

"Personal Success Made Simple," a training program based on my proven, working system for maximum achievement.

When you master Personal Success, you:

  • Finally know exactly what you want — and exactly which steps to take to get it

  • Perform at superior levels in everything you do

  • Become unstoppable in the pursuit of all your goals, big and small

  • Achieve more than you ever thought possible, faster than you ever imagined

The Miracle of Self Discipline Package

In my powerful, 8 CD program & Big Bonus Workbook You'll quickly learn how to:

  • Take complete control of your time and your life… Take back your life

  • Discipline yourself to get going and keep going… No matter what

  • Overcome procrastination five different ways… Stop stalling and start doing

  • Focus on your most valuable activities… Make yourself do your most important tasks immediately

  • and much, much more...

The New Psychology of Achievement

Learn how to boost your business performance by gaining competitive advantage that will set you ahead of the pack!

This program includes a whole new series of powerful ideas that I have developed with top experts in every industry to teach you...

  • Where success in life begins

  • The 7 mental laws that determine your potential

  • The Law of incremental improvement

  • The Keys to optimism

  • The Keys to persuasion

  • and much more...

The 6-Figure Speaker

The Ultimate Blueprint To Build A Business 
As A Highly-Paid Professional Speaker

  • Become a professional speaker

  • Build your business

  • Earn the respect and esteem of others

  • Motivate and inspire people

THIS is the easiest, fastest, & most powerful way to do it!

Download the 6-Figure
Speaker E-Book Now

21 Great Ways to Start and Build Your Own Successful Business

How to increase sales, boost cash flow, and make more money - faster and easier.

When you buy 21 Great Ways to Start and Build Your Own Successful Business you will learn how to...

  • Decide which business will be the most beneficial for you

  • Identify your ideal customers

  • Do fast, cheap, market research

  • Make a profit selling your products and services

  • Develop a complete business plan to insure long term success

  • Avoid business failure

  • and much more...


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