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Property Tax Consulting Training Course

A Real Business: Lowering a Client's Property Tax! 

  • How a Low Entry Cost Property Tax Appeal Business Works and why it does not require a special licence (except in Texas) and how skills can be quickly learned.

  • How To Set Your Own Fees and see what Contingency Fees can be charged clients. Find out how Appealing Commercial and Industrial Properties can bring in extra hefty contingency fees.

  • See Simple ways To Generate Clients and where to obtain and get Free Comparable Sales Information.


Learn About the "Earn as Your LEARN" approach beginning with your first client's Property Tax Appeal.See how to become and Expert quickly.

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Plan Events That WOW!

Get this proven system full of industry know-how and resources that helps you plan memorable events 

The Complete Event Toolkit System:

The step-by-step system professionals use to plan successful events with ease. Inside, you’ll find all of my tools, resources, and industry secrets that I’ve used to plan every event, no matter the size or the occasion. For example, suggested room layouts and a site-visit checklist. 


Learn How To Start A Highly Profitable Vending Business Today!

In this e book you are going to learn the following:

  •   How to find locations for your vending machines: I will          show you 6 ways!

  •   How to get your vending machines for FREE!

  •   How to get started even on a tight budget!

  •   How to buy your machines for the best price and where to    find them cheap!

  •   How to get your prospects to call you first!

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How To Start a T Shirt Company
A guide to getting started in the world of fashion design

With the easy to read modules you will in no time at all be able to:

  • Start off with your great idea and turn it into a profitable and easy to use marketing strategy

  • Use the simple and easy steps to create a super simple to understand business plan that will set you up for success (This is so your business will continue to thrive and make profits while those around you fall)

  • Get a corporate identify -- this works especially well if you want to 'crack' in to the mainstream and sell loads of t-shirts (and make loads of money)

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“How to Write a Book in Less than 24 Hours!”

This is what it’s all about…


  • 11 high-quality, step-by-step videos plus PDFs explaining to you in an entertaining way the entire process of writing a book in less than 24 hours.

  • My effective 10-step method that works like a charm and is used constantly by me.

  • The books that you will be able to write can be easily published in Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords or even in your own website!  You can also publish your books as a paperback or hardcopy book just as easily!











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