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Start Your Own Blogging Business

Generate Income from Advertisers, Subscribers, Merchandising, and More

by Jason R. RichEntrepreneur Magazine

Fully revised with new and expanded chapters, Start Your Own Blogging Business delivers the perfect startup guide for online enthusiasts. Providing valuable updates such as the latest forms of blogging including Twitter/micro-blogging, mobile blogging, and video blogging, the experts at Entrepreneur lead aspiring bloggers from planning and publishing their blog to promoting themselves and turning a profit.

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Blogging for Fame and Fortune

by Jason R.

Technically savvy or not, learn how to create your own incredible platform to showcase your thoughts, knowledge, expertise and opinions to millions of web surfers and make money doing it! 

This savvy guide to becoming a blogging success teaches new and current bloggers proven strategies and techniques for creating a sticky blog, cost-effectively promoting it, driving continuous traffic to it, and generating revenue from advertisers and other means.

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How to Start a Home-based Blogging Business

by Brett Snyder

Having passion about a topic is a great reason to start blogging, but there is a lot more to it than that. This book will be able to help potential bloggers by asking the important questions needed to focus the blog. It will also set expectations so there are fewer surprises along the way. Making a blog a success can be a challenge, but it’s not out of reach for those who are determined.

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Start Your Own Cannabis Business

Your Step-By-Step Guide to the Marijuana Industry

by Javier HasseInc. The Staff of Entrepreneur MediaJodie Emery

Lifting the veil on all facets of the marijuana industry, Start Your Own Cannabis Business sheds light the business opportunities available as it becomes legal and regulated across the globe. From retailers to growers, producers, and suppliers there’s a seemingly never-ending list of startup opportunities in this emerging market such as providing security and courier services; making concentrates and edibles; growing, distribution, and sales to list a few. 

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The Digital Marketing Handbook

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Websites That Sell

by Robert W. Bly

Whether you are marketing an online-based business, brick-and-mortar store, or a hybrid business, Bly will teach you how to:

  • Integrate a digital marketing plan with traditional marketing outreach efforts

  • Maximize open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and sales

  • Avoid the most common internet marketing mistakes that cause people to fail online

  • Build a large and responsive opt-in email list

  • Master Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and other traffic-generating tactics

  • Drive quality leads to your online and offline storefronts












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