Types of Income-Generating 


Income-generating investments generally refers to investments that promise to pay interest or a return on your initial investment. However, other investment products may also provide income.

Income-Generating Investments

Passive Income

Passive income, simply put, is money making money without any effort on your part.  This can come in the form of rent from real estate, interest from savings accounts, dividends from stocks and mutual funds, and interest from bonds.  If you ever want to become financially independent, then you better find a way to produce passive income.  Without it, you will forever have to work for your money, and unless you are super-human you will not be able to work forever.  I will show you how to start creating passive income.  Again, I will “show you”… I will not do it for you.  You have to execute what you learn.

Types of Income-Generating 


Bond Mutual Funds

   A bond fund is simply a mutual fund that invests solely in bonds. For many investors, a bond fund is a more efficient way of investing in bonds than buying individual bond securities

   Unlike individual bond securities, bond funds do not have a maturity date for the repayment of principal, therefore, the principal amount invested may fluctuate from time to time. In addition, investors indirectly participate in the interest paid by the underlying bond securities held in the mutual fund.

Bond Mutual Fund


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