The goal of (The UnderCover Millionaire) and (The 7 Platinum Principles) is to help you to live a life of wealth and power.  Whether in business or life, you should be living your life with passion and purpose.  My focus is on helping you be the best you can be. 
Desire, Determination, Discipline and Decisions are the qualities you should strive for to help you conquer and overcome any obstacle you encounter in business or in life.  I will show you how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Discover Your Limits Then Exceed Them

To enjoy a truly fulfilled life, there are 7 steps you must take to achieve True Wealth.  

Power comes from within, there are 7 steps you must take to unleash your Personal Power.  

Success is a by-product of intentional design. There are 7 steps to achieving

Unlimited Success  

Anyone can be a boss but true leaders are rare. There are 7 qualities you must possess before you can be designated a "true" leader.  

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Carlos (edited)

From Sleeping on the Street

To Working on Wall Street

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The 7 Platinum Principles of Wealth and Power


The 7 Platinum Principles That Took Me From Sleeping On The Street to Working on Wall Street

There was a time when I had to endure serious hardships in my life.  I had to overcome mental and physical abuse, poverty, ridicule, feeling helpless, hopeless, and homeless.  I literally went from living on the street to working on Wall Street.  Sleeping in my car for three months was not easy, but it made me realize that if I did not do something soon then I probably would have died out there.  I needed to have a burning Desire, make a committed Decision, have the Discipline to commit, and the Determination to see my plan through to the end.

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My Interview on the "Business Story" Podcast



Today’s episode is packed with valuable information for anyone with a DREAM. I interview an amazing individual who slept in his car, just to get the job he wanted. He was then trained at Stratton Oakmont under the Wolf of Wall Street and got out before the craziness happened. Then he went on to build a life of success by achieving goals with persistence.


Carlos C Johnson lll, has lots of value that you don't want to miss.

Everybody wishes for money, wealth, success, and happiness, but very few are willing to do what it takes to achieve it...

- Carlos C. Johnson III

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